Monica Wood - Ernie's Ark: Stories

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Literary Fiction
Ernie's Ark: Stories
Author: Monica Wood
Publisher: Chronicle Books

Abbott Falls, Maine, is a small town in turmoil. The mill is on strike, and everyone's life has taken a turn in an unexpected direction. Ernie Whitten has decided to build an ark in his backyard. In her reading of Shuffle Step, Wood subtly draws the clash between Whitten's imaginiation and the real world around him in a touching confontration with an awkward young girl who asks him to dance. A work of art, a symbol of love, an act of desperation, and a building code violation--the ark in progress takes on different meaning for each of the characters in these nine interrelated stories. Monica Wood's third novel, Any Bitter Thing (Chronicle Books, May, 2005) is being hailed as a 'breakout book.'

Author Information: Monica Wood is the author of the novels My Only Story and Secret Language. Her fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, and has been awarded a Pushcart Prize. She lives in Maine.

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