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Jim Dunnigan brings his unique perspective to this important and timely topic. He shows us the role of 'perfect soldiers' throughout history, and explains why we need them so badly today. His clear, direct analysis is readable by both the military professional and the layman. But the people who need to read this are the politicians, so we can have the armed forces we'll need for the next century.
- Larry Bond, bestselling author Red Phoenix, The Enemy Within, Vortex, and (with co-author Tom Clancy

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James F. Dunnigan - The Perfect Soldier: Special Operations, Commandos and the Future of Warfare

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Military History
The Perfect Soldier: Special Operations, Commandos and the Future of Warfare
Author: James F. Dunnigan
Publisher: Citadel Press/Kensington Publishing

Commandos. Special Operations. SAS. Spetnaz. Delta Force. The names of these highly trained, elite combat units call up images of Hollywood brawn and LeCarre-like brains. They are the best of the best-small teams of expert, well-equipped soldiers who possess extraordinary intellectual and physical prowess and are trained intensely to get the job done decisively and efficiently. And now, these Perfect Soldiers are determining the way wars will be fought and won in the 21st century. In his new book, The Perfect Soldier: Special Operations, Commandos and the Future of Warfare, legendary military analyst, historian and author, James F. Dunnigan describes not only what is a Perfect Soldier, but also takes readers through a history of Perfect Soldiers--from the Trojan Horse of ancient times to the present, to show us how and why Perfect Soldiers are the way of the future in warfare.In a four-part interview, he details the status of armies around the globe, including Russia, Europe, China, North Korea and others. The 2003 war in Iraq was the first example of what these units, utilizing stunning new tactics and armed with advanced technologies, can do when used in large numbers. In this authoritative, in-depth account, military strategist and anti-terrorism expert for ABC, NBC, and Fox, James F. Dunnigan uncovers the fascinating evolution of the world's deadliest warriors, from skilled prehistoric hunters, through the 'Stoss Truppen,' British SAS, Russia's Spetnaz, the Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrols of the Vietnam War, antiterrorism commandos, SWAT teams, and the commando wars of Afghanistan and Iraq. With brilliant analysis and gripping descriptions, Dunnigan explores the minds, methods, tools, and decisive battles of such elite forces as the Navy SEALS, Rangers, Delta Force, Airborne, and the fast-moving Boer riflemen who bedeviled the British and first coined the term 'commando.' More than an absorbing history of 'the few and the brave,' The Perfect Soldier is a inside look at the way the world's top fighting units have raised standards for all combat troops, and forever changed the face of warfare.

Author Information: JAMES F. DUNNIGAN is most recently the author of The Next War Zone: Confronting the Global Threat of Cyberterrorism, and writes a daily report on military news which can be found online at www.strategypage.com. He is also the author of more than twenty books on military subjects including the three classics How to Make War, Dirty Little Secrets, and A Quick and Dirty Guide to War. As an on-air analyst for FOX News, ABC and NBC, as well as other networks, Dunnigan has covered the war in Afghanistan, as well as the Gulf War. Often credited with introducing the concept of war-gaming to the U.S. Defense Department, Dunnigan has been a Consultant for the State Department, the CIA, and the Army War College. He lives in New York City.

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