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This emotional story is filled with crisp, rich details that linger in the memory much like the Moxie soda that Lizzy recalls from her Maine summers. Wood's stirring domestic drama is full of surprises as it explores the weighty themes of religion, perceived innocence, and the corrosive quality of best intentions.
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Monica Wood - Any Bitter Thing

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Literary Fiction
Any Bitter Thing
Author: Monica Wood
Publisher: Chronicle Books

At her book launch party at Longfellow Books in her hometown Portland, Maine, Monica Wood read three passages from her third novel, Any Bitter Thing (Chronicle Books; May, 2005) to a standing-room-only crowd. Richard Russo has celebrated Monica Wood's fiction as 'thoroughly captivating...warm and wise and beautifully written,' and Andre Dubus III praised it as 'luminous and graceful and entertaining yet transcendent.' Any Bitter Thing, Wood's brilliant new novel, is her breakout book, a timely, gripping, and compassionate tale of family, faith, and deeply hidden truths. One of its greatest strengths is its continuous ability to defy expectations. It's not what you think. It is worse. In the opening scene, Lizzy Mitchell is hit by a car and left to die. Lizzy Mitchell was raised from the age of two by her uncle, a Catholic priest. When she was nine, he was falsely accused of improprieties with her and dismissed from his church, and she was sent away to boarding school. Now thirty years old and in a failing marriage, she lays near death in the emergency room of a hospital when she is visited by her Uncle, who has been dead for the past twenty years. What she discovers when she sets out to find the truths surrounding the accident--and about the accusations that led to her uncle's death--does more than change her life. With deft insight into the snares of the human heart, Monica Wood has written an intimate and emotionally expansive novel full of understanding and hope. In addition to the reading, Monica Wood autographed Any Bitter Thing and spoke to PubBuzz about the roles of memory and religion in her life and her work.

Author Information: Monica Wood is the author of the novels My Only Story and Secret Language. Her fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, and has been awarded a Pushcart Prize. She lives in Maine.

Author's Site: www.monicawood.com
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