How do I view a video?
Click on author pictures and links embedded in text describing the book or author event that you want to see. A Video Viewer will pop up. Choose your media player (Windows or Quicktime). If you do not have a media player, you may choose the free download of your choice from our Media Toolkit on the left column of the homepage. Once you have selected your media player, choose your speed—high bandwidth for cable and DSL connections, and low bandwidth for dial-up connections. You may save these settings to avoid having to go through the selection process for every video by simply checking the “save these settings” box under the “choose your player” box. Depending on your connection speed and traffic congestion on your cable, DSL, or dial-up connection, you may have to wait a few seconds for the video to play.

How often are new videos available on iReadNet video channels?
New videos are launched every week. Stay tuned!

Can I view older videos as well as the new ones?
Yes. Once a video is launched, it is available regardless of how long it has been in our database, or how old the Video Book Tour or news headline is. Use the “Search” page link on the top navigation bar, or type in a keyword for a topic or publisher imprint you are interested in, or search by author, title, or book category such as literary fiction, history, biography, etc. Hundreds of videos are available for viewing, and hundreds more are added to the database every year.

Can I view other content while the Video Viewer plays a video?
Yes. When you click on a View Video or View Book Tour link, the smaller Video Viewer page pops up as a second page. You can move the Video Viewer aside to the right or the left to read underlying content or even follow links to other websites without closing the Video Viewer.

Can I copy or download videos?
No. You may view the videos as often as you like for free, but they are not for sale, and may not be copied or downloaded.

What is a Video Book Tour?
An iReadNet Video Book Tour uses digital video and the internet instead of airplanes and hotels to deliver authors to their markets. Visitors may view videos while reading about the book and author, checking out reviews of the book and interviews with the author on other sites around the internet, and finding out where the author will be touring in person, or seen and heard on broadcast airwaves.

What is the Media Toolkit?
The Media Toolkit is an area of iReadNet where visitors can find links to free downloads of the latest versions of video players (Windows and Quicktime)—one of which you will need to view iReadNet videos. The Media Toolkit also provides links to download RSS news readers that automatically deliver iReadNet Video Book Tour and author news headlines to your desktop or laptop without actually visiting all of the video channels available on the iReadNet dial. If you already have an RSS news reader, the Media Toolkit can automatically load iReadNet, PubBuzz, CooksRead, and KidsRead RSS feeds into your RSS news reader for instant up-to-the-minute headline retrieval. Just click on the iReadNet Video Channel headlines you want to receive in your RSS news reader.

What is an RSS feed?
An RSS feed is a news syndication technology that allows us to distribute updated headlines and Video Book Tour information instantly to news organizations, affiliates, and related book sites, as well as individual desktops, laptops and handheld devices. If you have an RSS news reader such as Amphetadesk, which is a free software download available in our Media Toolkit, you can simply click on your RSS news reader desktop icon and your personal “news aggregator” will automatically deliver the latest iReadNet headlines and Video Book Tour information to you, along with any other RSS feeds you have selected, such as CNN or Yahoo!.

How do I get my book featured on iReadNet?
If you are interested in an iReadNet Video Book Tour or are participating in a book and author event and would like to have your book featured on iReadNet, contact us, preferably by email. State your name, the title of your book, your publisher and any relevant information, and if we are interested, we will contact you. We are currently not taking requests for self-published authors.