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Walter Mosley turns his sharp eyes and ears to the cloudy sights and sounds of dementia
With an introduction from Haitian-born, bestselling, award-winning novelist Edwidge Danticat, bestselling, award-winning novelist Walter Mosley took the stage at the 2010 Miami book Fair International to introduce and read from his novel, The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey (Riverhead; November, 2010), a novel blending literary fiction, mystery, and fantasy in a moving exploration of a 91-year old man (Ptolemy Grey) suffering from dementia. Reading a passage from the book, which has no chapters because, as Mosley said, 'dementia has no chapters,' Mosley weaved a phone call through a stream of news radio, ads and classical music in a small apartment of tattered furniture in disarray, followed by a knock at the door, arousing Ptolemy, and a visit from a suspicious visitor. Mosley then took questions from the audience on who he would cast to play Robyn Small if a movie were to be made of The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey; his own mother's dementia; advising parents on promoting good children's reading habits; his venture into comic books with Maximum Fantastic Four with Marvel Comics; his use of foul language in his novels; a book report; how he chooses character names; a man's tale of his own literary awakening after reading one of Mosley's novels; the lamentable lack of black male heroes in fiction, such as his character Socrates in Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned; his perspective on the affect of computers in fiction such as his latest release, When the Thrill Is Gone (Riverhead; March, 2011), featuring high-tech detective, Leonid McGill; and his comparison of Jack Kirby's work at DC vs. Marvel comics.

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Azar Nafisi cites books of humanities and science as bedrock of democracy and freedom: Bestselling author, Iranian born Azar Nafisi tells why she became an American citizen and what it means to her in her new book 'The Republic of Imagination.'

Mary Gordon, Stuart Dybek, and Russell Banks take a short cut: Mary Gordon, Stuart Dybek, and Russell Banks read their stuff and take a few questions from the audience.

Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana have one at The Last Kind Words Saloon in Miami: Award-winning novelist and co-author Diana Ossana reflect on cowboys, women characters, and over twenty years of writing partnership.

Joyce Carol Oates reads from Lovely, Dark, Deep at the 2014 Miami Book Fair International: Prolific, award-winning author Joyce Carol Oates reads from her Pulitzer Prize nominated collection of short stories, Lovely, Dark, Deep at the Miami Book Fair.

Martin Short stirs his humor with poignancy and empowerment: Canadian-born actor, comedian, singer, producer and now author Martin Short reveals trade secrets and more in his appearance at BookExpo America.

Alan Cumming searches for answers and finds more questions: Alan Cumming tells his family story at BookExpo America 2014 about abuse, identity, and Russian roulette.

Colm Toibin introduces Nora Webster and what it is be an Irish author: Award-winning, bestelling Irish novelist Colm Toibin introduces his heroine, Norah Webster at BookExpo America 2014.

Mona Simpson, Ann Patchett, and Lucinda Franks compare notes on life, lit, and love: Bestselling, award-winning authors Mona Simpson, Ann Patchett, and Lucinda Franks take the stage at the 2014 Miami Book Fair International to talk about their most recent books and compare notes on life, literature, and love.

Maureen McLane reveals her free-ranging poetic vision in her National Book Award Finalist, This Blue: 2014 National Book Award Finalist in Poetry and 2012 National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist in Autobiography Maureen McClane reads and talks about six poems from her NBA Finalist, This Blue.

Fanny Howe makes poetry out of paradox in her 2014 National Book Award Finalist, Second Childhood: Prize-winning American poet, novelist, and short story writer Fanny Howe reads from her 2014 National Book Award Finalist in Poetry, Second Childhood.

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