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Ralph Nader adds another tradition to the 17 in his book--running for U.S. presidency
One of the most important traditions of American politics is the third party candidate, such as Teddy Roosevelt, Ralph Nader explained to an audience at the Miami Book Fair International in November, 2007. Those who were there must not be too surprised to find that three months later, Ralph Nader has announced his fifth run for the White House on the Green Party ticket. Introducing his memoir, The Seventeen Traditions (Harper; January, 2007), Nader laid out the core personal values that guide his life, telling stories of his childhood and immigrant family life and their traditions of culture, independence, education, and parenting. Nader reflected on his family traditions of charity and his father's traditions of work and business before reading a passage from his book on the traditions of solitude, civics, and fairness. In an audience question and answer period afterward, Nader was challenged to defend his controversial run for the White House in the pivotal 2000 U.S. presidential election. Responding that there were over 100 valid reasons for his presidential bid, Nader went on to call for commercial-free environments for children; decry the weak U.S. Congress for failing to excercise their constitutional duties with respect to Iraq and Iran oversight and policies. Nader closed with comments on U.S. immigration policies and his relationship with Al Gore--altogether sounding very much like a man about to run for the job of POTUS again. It's part of the tradition.

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Charles Simic offers glimpses of immigrant life in his innaugural reading as U.S. Poet Laureate: U.S. Poet Laureate (2007-2008) Charles Simic is innaugurated at the National Book Festival 2007, reads from his early poems, and chats with National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Chairman and fellow poet, Dana Gioia.

Edwidge Danticat and Francisco Goldman explore Kafkaesque stranger than fiction true stories: Fiction writers Edwidge Danticat and Francisco Goldman appear at the Miami Book Fair International 2007 to talk about their stranger-than-fiction true stories, 'Brother, I'm Dying' and 'The Art of Political Murder' respectively.

Richard Russo introduces 'Bridge of Sighs' with a sigh of relief after six months of book touring: Richard Russo reads from his bestseller 'Bridge of Sighs' and talks about his literary roots, characters, plots, and life.

Diane Ackerman portrays courage in the shadows of madness in 'The Zookeeper's Wife': In her appearance at the National Book Festival 2007, the bestselling author of 'An Alchemy of Mind,' Diane Ackerman, offers the true story of a courageous zookeeper's wife in World War II Warsaw, Poland, who deceives Nazis with a veil of animals and insects.

Chris Matthews savors political 'hardball' and grins when he fights: Chris Matthews plays 'Hardball' with a live audience at the Miami Book Fair International 2007.

Geraldine Brooks and Tony Horowitz join journalism and fiction in marriage of Pulitzer Prize winners: Geraldine Brooks reveals all to her husband, Tony Horowitz, at the National Book Festival 2006.

Wesley Clark says plans underway to invade Iran since 1991: Former Presidential candidate, four-star general, and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark makes a combative appearance at the Miami Book Fair International 2007 to promote his book, 'A Time To Lead'

Indie publishers cap year of change with author readings, interviews, and 21st annual book fair: A night of marathon readings by up-and-coming authors kicks-off year of change for New York Center for Independent Publishers (formerly known as the Small Press Center) and 21st annual book fair of readings, interviews, and book sales.

Jeffrey Toobin lifts the veil of secrecy from the faces of the U.S. Supreme Court: CNN and New Yorker legal reporter Jeffrey Toobin lifts the veil of secrecy surrounding nine of the most important and powerful people in the world--the U.S. Supreme Court--as it has never been seen before.

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