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Harry Frankfurt, distinguished Princeton Professor, holds forth in earnest 'On Bullshit'
Considered one of the world's leading moral philosophers, widely known for his studies on the nature and meaning of love, Princeton Professor Harry G. Frankfurt appeared to be the most surprised person in the room that his little book On Bullshit (Princeton University Press; January, 2005) had become such a smashing success. Appearing at the Miami Book Fair, Frankfurt confided with the audience that it might be nothing but bullshit, but went on to give his well-considered definition of bullshit and even meditated, almost wistfully, on the potential usefulness of bullshit in a world seemingly run amok with it, pointing to politicians as perhaps the most artful practioners of bullshitting. Discoursing on why people bullshit, Frankfurt laid out the fundamental difference between lying and bullshit and lamented that there seemed to be no way to combat bullshit. Taking questions from the audience, Frankfurt held forth extemporaneously on the difference between spin and bullshit and the preponderance of bullshit passing as news, as well as the impact of today's social mobility in the propagation of bullshit and, perhaps most troubling of all, the apparent predisposition for a ton of bullshit in education, slyly suggesting that Yale University may be the bullshit capital of the world.

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Bruce Feiler, Robert Pinsky, and Sherwin Nuland explore the ancient origins of modern religion: A bestselling author on religion, a former U.S. Poet Laureate, and a clinical professor of surgery explore the great figures of the ancient world and the land where God was born

Eve Ensler takes aim at dieting, mascarra, and self-mutilation in 'The Good Body': Award-winning playwright ('The Vagina Monologues'), author and women's political activist Eve Ensler brings her provocative humor to bear on dieting, cosmetics, and 'skinny bitches' and revels in the 'freedom of insecurity' in her new book 'The Good Body'

Simon Winchester commemorates 100th anniversary of The Great California Earthquake of April 18, 1906: Simon Winchester tells the story behind the story of his newest book, 'A Crack in the Edge of the World,' commemorating the 100th anniversary of the worst natural disaster in American history.

William Kristol and Stephen Hayes offer best of The Weekly Standard and take questions from liberals: Conservative editors of The Weekly Standard hold court at Miami Book Fair International

Randi Rhodes illustrates Republican hypocrisy with story of Strom Thurmond's womanizing: AirAmerica radio show host and commentator Randi Rhodes, hosting a BookExpo America panel of authors introduces her new book, 'The Encydlopedia of Republican Hypocries'

Maureen Dowd says some men are necessary, but not if his name is Dick Cheney: New York Times op-ed columnist Maureen Dowd turns her sardonic wit loose on men in and out of power; wonders what the world would be like if women ruled and men were 'sperm slaves'

Mike Wallace tells the stories behind the stories in book and video memoir, 'Between You and Me': CBS '60 Minutes' journalist takes readers behind the scenes of his interviews with the most famous and infamous newsmakers of the last fifty years; memoirs come with video highlights of his long, storied career

John Hope Franklin explores African American history through the eyes of George Washington Williams: One of America's greatest living historians, John Hope Franklin holds a 'Mirror to America' and examines the life and times of America's first African American historian, George Washington Williams (1849-1891)

Chuck Goldstone shines in dark times; radio commentator offers a kinder, gentler sense of humor: Chuck Goldstone wows Worcester with kinder, gentler humor; humorist, most widely known for his essays on Public Radio's Marketplace, reads at Tatnuck Bookellers and talks about his past, present, and future

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