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Tom Hayden and Mark Kurlansky offer a dangerous idea as wars rage on around the world
As wars raged around the planet, former California State Senator and political activist Tom Hayden and popular writer and historian Mark Kurlansky teamed up at the Miami Book Fair International 2006 to explore the possibilities and pitfalls of nonviolent protest as a more effective means to political change. Leading the quixotic charge, bestselling author Mark Kurlansky (Cod and Salt) introduced Nonviolence: 25 Lessons from the History of a Dangerous Idea (Modern Library; September, 2006). Tom Hayden, author of Conspiracy in the Streets: The Extraordinary Trial of the Chicago Eight (New Press; August, 2006), followed with an analysis of the effectiveness of violence in political disagreements and argued that shame is the trigger for political violence. After Kurlansky weighed in against military solutions to political conflict, Hayden contrasted abolitionist John Brown's violent revolt with rifle-toting Harriet Tubman and self-defense. Having raised the issue of whether humans are violent by nature, Kurlansky and Hayden explored the cultural roots of political violence and the impact of nationalism in fomenting violence with a look at whether the political conflict in Iraq could have been resolved in a nonviolent process. Noting that women were rarely involved in violent conflict, Kurlansky and Hayden discussed the role of cultural nurturing of male vs. female genders in advanced vs. indigenous societies; argued the legitimacy of violence in terms of political resistance when faced with violent aggression; discussed the process for a troop pullout in Iraq as a means for nonviolent conflict resolution; and proposed the usefulness of mediation in nonviolent conflict resolution.

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Jodi Picoult worries, researches and then writes her bestsellers: Jodi Picoult shows why she has become one of America's bestselling authors in an entertaining evening with fellow New Hampshire author and raconteur Rebecca Rule

Christopher Buckley parodies and regales at National Book Festival; 'Boomsday' lands with a bang: Christopher Buckley parodies publisher's book titles, recounts a prank involving Lenin's tomb, skewers book publishers, and regales National Book Festival audience with stories of Korea's Chung Hee Park, former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, and bestselling author Tom Clancy

Daniel Mendelsohn wins National Book Critics Circle award for best non-fiction: Daniel Mendelsohn appears at the Miami Book Fair International and tells of his bittersweet quest to learn what happened to his great-uncle Shmiel, his wife and four daughters, which he chronicled in 'The Lost: A Search for Six in Six Million'. In March, 2007, three months after Mendelsohn's appearance in Miami, his book won the National Book Critics Circle Award for Best Non-Fiction in 2006.

Ed Park hosts panel of emerging authors Peter Plate, T. Cooper, and John Cotrona: The Small Press Book Fair 2006 features a panel of emerging novelists Peter Plate, T. Cooper and John Cotrona talking about their work, hosted by book critic Ed Park

Michael Cunningham brings star power to the Small Press Book Fair: Award-winning novelist Michael Cunningham brings his star power to the Small Press Book Fair 2006 and slips easily into orbit among the stars of the future

Small Press Book Fair features Ellis Avery reading from her acclaimed novel 'The Teahouse Fire': Ellis Avery appeared at the Small Press Book Fair in December, 2006, to read a few of her haikus from a collection of fragmentary writing and her highly acclaimed first novel 'The Teahouse Fire'

Robert Dunn reads from his rock 'n roll novel 'Pink Cadillac' at the Small Press Book Fair: Rock 'n roller Robert Dunn reads from his underground hit 'Pink Cadillac'

Rebecca Schumejda reads from her book of poems 'Dream Big, Worker Harder': Poet Rebecca Schumejda reads from her second collection 'Dream Big, Work Harder'

John Fiske reads from his novel, The Library Book, about the murder of Stanford White: A student of history at Trinity College, John Fiske reads from his novel titled 'The Library Book' about the murder of the great American architect Stanford White

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