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Nelson DeMille's John Corey hunts down 'The Lion' for the final kill
Award-winning voice actor Scott Brick, who has narrated over 400 audiobooks since he launched his audiobook career in 2000, introduced one of his favorite clients, master storyteller Nelson DeMille at BookExpo America 2010 with a reading from of a scene from DeMille's latest John Corey blockbuster, The Lion (Grand Central Publishing; June, 2010), the long-awaited sequel to his huge thriller The Lion's Game, first published ten years ago. DeMille went through the development of the John Corey character and the epic battle between Corey and his arch-enemy Asad Khalil, from the first John Corey novel, Plum Island, through the fourth in the series, Wild Fire, which he never intended to become a John Corey novel. The #1 New York Times bestselling author then reflected on the autobiographical elements of the John Corey character and his inspiration to create a completely politically incorrect character as his detective hero, and contemplated the future of John Corey thrillers in a world at war with terrorists. DeMille then took questions from fans in the audience focusing on his research for the third John Corey novel and an earlier blockbuster, Nightfall and Mayday, respectively; the inspiration for his ninth novel, Spencerville; his views on outlining plots before writing the novel; his analysis of creating a strong character in audiobook readings; the impact of the growth of e-books on book publishing; and what Scott Brick calls the 'Gatsby Moment' in The Lion.

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Colson Whitehead gets personal in 'Sag Harbor': Award-winning novelist Colson Whitehead reads from his self-described autobiographical novel 'Sag Harbor' and talks about his work at the 2009 National Book Festival.

Taylor Branch rewinds 'The Clinton Tapes': Pulitzer Prize winning historian Taylor Branch rewinds 'The Clinton Tapes' (now available in paperback) at the 2009 Miami Book Fair.

Christopher Hitchens hitches a ride from BookExpo straight to the New York Times bestseller list: Vanity Fair columnist and iconoclast journalist Christopher Hitchens hits the road after pitching his tell-all memoir at BookExpo America 2010.

BEA 2010 heralds age of e-books along with traditional writer's cramps: The sixteenth annual BookExpo America (BEA) book publishing trade convention brings together all-star authors and industry heavyweights for business and pleasure.

Iggy Pop and The Stooges get their act together and take it on the road again: Hall of Fame rocker Iggy Pop pops by the 2009 Miami Book Fair International with photographer and author Robert Matheu for an interview with Miami Herald culture writer Brett Sokol.

NY Book Week comes to life as thousands of authors, publishers, and booksellers converge on BEA 2010: The annual migration of book people to BookExpo America every year brings over 1,000 authors together with booksellers, publishers, and distributors from all over the world to talk about books of all kinds and all formats.

Scott Turow pleads guilty to breaking his vow never to write a sequel to 'Presumed Innocent': Bestselling mystery suspense novelist and former Assistant U.S. Attorney turned white collar criminal defense lawyer Scott Turow showed up at the 2008 Miami Book Fair International to talk about a book he was writing at the time, which is landing in bookstores across the country on May 4--the sequel to his blockbuster first novel 'Presumed Innocent'.

Billy Collins goes 'ballistic' with a touch of deadpan humor: Former U.S. Poet Laureate (2001-2003) Billy Collins reads new and selected poems from his most recent collection, now available in trade paperback, as well as a couple of his other notable collections, at the 2008 Miami Book Fair International.

Robert Hass plants new seeds in Miami that grow into 'The Apple Trees at Olema': The Pulitzer Prize winning American poet, Robert Hass, who served as U.S. Poet Laureate from1995-1997, reads some new and previously published poems, which are now released in his new collection 'The Apple Trees At Olema'.

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