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Margaret Atwood still hopes it's not 'too late,' despite her own grim premonitions
We last saw award-winning, bestselling Canadian novelist, poet, literary critic, essayist, and environmental activist Margaret Atwood at the 2009 Miami Book Fair International, where she introduced the second book in her MaddAddam Trilogy, titled The Year of the Flood. Four years later, Atwood appeared at the 2013 National Book Festival, where she took the stage under a large standing-room-only tent for an extended, far-ranging interview with Washington Post book critic Ron Charles, beginning with the publication of MaddAddam (Nan A. Talese; September, 2013), the third book in the celebrated author's MaddAddam Trilogy, and her reflections on the trilogie's contemporary parables. After a discussion of whether her novels were a jeremiad or near-future, dystopian world, the author of The Handmaid's Tale tackled the question of whether it's 'too late' to save the world, seeing hope for the future with advances in science and technology and the survival of great books, reading and learning skills in the Digital Age. Atwood wrapped the interview with comments on her experience writing librettos for operas of The Handmaid's Tale and a forthcoming (May, 2014) opera about Canada's famous 19th century Mohawk poet and performer Pauline Johnson before taking questions on what makes the 'perfect reader'; the pros and cons of e-books and Twitter; her prescience in imagining unimaginable things that seem to be coming shockingly close to true, and actually do come true, pointing to the sudden evolution of the internet as a government surveillance and Facebook datamining beast watching everything we do; her refusal to name names of her favorite authors and books; and finished with questions about the Afterword of The Handmaid's Tale and Cat's Eye paintings.

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Terry McMillan draws on her sense of humor in the face of hard truths: New York Times bestselling author Terry McMillan brings her shock and awe humor to the 2013 National Book Festival where she reads from and talks about her latest blockbuster novel, Who Asked You?

Taylor Branch connects the dots between civil rights and democracy in The King Years: Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Taylor Branch presents 'The King Years' at the 2013 National Book Festival on the National Mall not far from where Martin Luther King, Jr. made his immortal 'I Have a Dream' speech in Washington, D.C.

James McBride opens new doors to John Brown and Harpers Ferry with fiction: National Book Award-winning author James McBride talks about and reads from his latest acclaimed novel, The Good Lord Bird, at the 2013 National Book Festival.

Joyce Carol Oates celebrates the 40th novel in her 50-year writing career at the National Book Fest: One of America's most prolific and widely acclaimed, award-winning authors, Joyce Carol Oates takes the stage at the 2013 National Book Festival to review her long-running career of 50 years and 40 novels at the 2013 National Book Festival.

Sofi Oksanen measures the effects of war and fascism with stockings and a 'lipstick index': Finland's global literary rock star Sofi Oksanen, award-winning author of 'Purge,' takes the stage at the 2013 Goteborg Book Fair to review her writing career and newest bestseller 'When the Doves Disappeared' with Iranian-born Swedish author and book critic Athena Farrokhzad.

Richard Ford travels to Goteborg, Sweden for a review of Canada: Pulitzer Prize winning, bestselling author shares his literary themes, characters, landscapes, and use of language in his most recent novel, Canada, in an interview with Swedish author, book crtic Ingrid Elam at the 2013 Goteborg Book Fair.

Don DeLillo receives the first Library Of Congress Fiction Prize at the 2013 National Book Festival: Award-winning, bestselling author Don DeLillo takes the Library of Congress prize from Dr. James H. Billington and sits down to an interview with Marie Arana at the 2013 National Book Festival.

Follow your heart to the 30th annual Miami Book Fair, November 17-24: Celebrate the 30th annual Miami Book Fair International, the nation's largest and longest-running book fair featuring over 300 world-famous and emerging voices in literature, November 17-24, 2013.

Naomi Wolf weaves new science and personal experience into a 'goddess array': Bestselling author and cultural iconoclast Naomi Wolf reboots research into female sexuality with some major new updates.

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